Carl's Corner
Lesson One


It is with great personal gratitude at the opportunity, finally, and great sincerely that I am finally able to get this program "CARL'S CORNER" FINALLY OFF THE GROUND. I have been considerably boggled down with an incredible volume of case loads of many citizens problems that I have had to, out of necessity, tie up my waking hours with. Obviously, there is only 24 Hours still in any day and this fact of life has consumed my energies trying to make a dent in the considerable abuses going on in our fair communities, state, and country. I am now going to reprogram so we can get speaking engagements and seminars and of course this WEB PAGE going. I appreciate your considerable patience waiting for this WEB PAGE and look forward to making it a meaningful program for mutual learning and transferring of data for all our best interests. I wish we could have done this sooner, but we were totally without recourse and finally at last we can devote some critical time to getting good information out to you the loyal citizenry who desire to bring back this great REPUBLIC FOR WHICH SHE STANDS, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISABLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!

Now we are going to make it short and sweet. I have two lessons for you this ISSUE. The first is DON NOT EVER THINK YOU ARE JUST ONE LITILE VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS AND YOU CAN NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS OR THAT!!!! Case in point, a fellow enthusiast student and patriot saw a grievous wrong about to happen and rear its UGLY FACE AGAIN, " CHECK LANES " Oh yes boys and girls, THEY'RE BACK!!!! This fellow citizen got to work and wrote up a dandy letter and sent it to the who's who of you know who and smoked their tail feathers. Next thing you know and LET'S TAKE A VOTE TIME CAME and the vote was "HELL NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO THAT EVER AGAIN and on the front page was CHECK LANES DEFEATED and victory for the little people was finally the rule of the day. Congratulations to one little voice in the wilderness, so get out there small voices and duplicate this student fellow patriot and lets let them hear about it from the REAL BOSS!!! See Michigan Constitution Article 1 section l," ALL POWER IN INHERANT IN THE PEOPLE FOR THEIR EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY OR ON GRANT FROM THEM and if you do not grant them power THEN DON'T LET THEM STEAL IT. Also research the U.S. Constitution 10th amendment. They only have the powers you THE PEOPLE give them on GRANT FROM YOU!!!! YOU DON'T GRANT POWER, THEY GOT NO POWER!!!! Let's get busy folks and put a hook on the abuses going on out there! GOD BLESS AND GO GET 'EM! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Next we are going to talk about THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL. Again a fellow student who desires to maintain his privacy for the protection of his case in the Courts, because we are not done yet has entered on fantastic effort in fighting for THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL. I am submitting a copy of his brief so you can learn and study a very serious issue, and some of the finer points of the battle. I personally know that this is one of the finest briefs I have personally seen on the RIGHT TO TRAVEL AND I AM TICKLED TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BE A HELPING PARTY HERE. I know that the brief has collaborated ideas from THE WISEMAN RIGHT TO TRAVEL MATERIAL and JACK McLAMBS material and some of my personal ideas and a lot of hard work and sweat by the actual student involved here. I hope and desire that a real transfer of learning occurs here and that everybody has the courtesy whom may use this data will do so with responsibility and respect for the actual students' work. I do NOT want folks out just filing boiler plate papers just writing in their names without paying attention to the individual issues in their own cases. OBVIOUSLY, we do not want frivolous case law or frivolous issues just to get out of doing the right job here. If you are serious about an honest battle be my guest and use this material to make yours stronger than it presently is. But do NOT just rehash and shove your name boiler plate style. Because your issues may be different and if you do not consider the different issues you probably will get shot down faster so don't do that please. Let's try and be considerate of our fellows honest work here!!!! This brief I personally know has NEVER been answered YET!!! by opposing counsel so study the brief. Go look up the cases for if you don't read them yourself you can't lawfully rely on them, got me!!!! You dig in to this brief and you will clearly get an expansive understanding on THE ISSUE OF THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL and how this valuable priceless RIGHT has all but been obliterated by UNLAWFULL GOVERNMENT. NOW LET'S TRY AND FIX THAT!!! OKAY, GO GET THEM!!!! GOD BLESS AND LEARN, LEARN, LEARN AND DO IT BETTER TO THEM THAN THEY DO IT TO YOU FIRST!!!! Well this is it for our first mission entry and we will look forward to bringing more and fruitful info to you in the future as soon as we can shake out this time--WORK schedule better. I thank each and everyone of you out there for being there and let's DO THE MIRACLE ON MAIN STREAM by TUPPER SAUSSEY program on them before it is to LATE!!!! GOD BLESS 'TILL NEXT TIME!!!


Carl of CARL'S CORNER, Miller, My Christian Name

WebMaster's Note: The following two items were submitted to various persons in the Detroit city government. They are rather crude and could have used a good proof reading before being sent. I post the here, just as they were sent because, as bad as they are, they scared the council into unamimously voting down "Driver Check Lanes" in the city of Detroit! Remember, you don't have to be eloquent to be an activist!

The letter that ended "Checklanes"
in Detroit
before they started!

The Memorandum That Accompanied It

Driver Licensing vs. the Right to Travel

Travel & The Police

Do You Know Who Owns Your Car?

The Brief

The Appeal that followed
when the brief was set aside

Without prejudice per U.C.C. 1-207